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The Blaue Chamber Illustrated Solution

Play this quirky little strategy puzzle here.

Open the desk drawer and collect the pen.

Lift up the chair cushion and collect the paper.
Click on the paper, and then onto the pen to write a message.
Open the chute and collect the capsule.

Open the capsule and place the message inside. Place this in the chute and click the button. Wait a few seconds for a reply. Collect the capsule and retrieve the message. The skull & cross bones indicates an asterix.

Lift the reciever and dial 4357*63. If the phone keys had letters amongst them, this would spell (HELP*ME) Think texting.

Click on the corners of the picture.

When you have managed to dislodge the picture, collect the bank note.

Click on the money and then the pen, to deface the note.

Place the money inside the capsule and sent it through the chute.

Wait for the reply. Open the capsule and collect the key.

Unlock the door. FREEDOM!