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The Crimson Room Illustrated Solution

A complete guide to the Crimson Room, with illustrations and comprehensive instructions.

Click onto the dish on top of the cabinet and collect the first silver ring.

Open the top left drawer and collect the empty CD case. You can forget about this for now, it is not used in the 'Crimson Room' but will be needed should you go on to play the 'Viridian Room'

Open the top right drawer and collect the memorandum. On it is written a URL, visit this in another browser window and make note of the number you are given.

Click under the cabinet and pick up the cassette off the floor.

When facing the blank red wall, click the bottom left hand corner.

Collect the battery from behind the bed.

Lift the pillow off the bed and collect the gold key. Click on the edge of the mattress.

Collect the metal stick.

Open the curtains and pick up the silver key on the window ledge. Repeatedly open and close the curtains until something drops onto the floor.

Pick up the second silver ring which fell onto the floor.

Use the gold key to open the bottom left drawer and collect the power supply cable.

Use the silver key to open the bottom right drawer and collect the small box.

Plug the power supply cable into the CD player, press the power-on button, open the drive and collect the key.

Add the two silver rings and the metal stick to the top of the box and click on it to open it.

Add the battery and the cassette and click on it to snap it shut and start the animation.

Watch the clip fo the dancing man carefully. About ten seconds in a crosshair will appear on the wall. Move your cursor over it. When the movie has finished double-click.

The outline of the safe will appear on the wall. Click this.

Click the digits on the safe to set the number you made a note of earlier (courtesy of the memorandum URL!) Open the lock with the key.

Collect the screwdriver.

Unscrew the doornkob with the screwdriver.

Click on the handle-less door to escape (the first room!)