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Grow Cube Illustrated Solution

Play this quirky little strategy puzzle here.

Man. Nothing will happen; he'll just stand there.

Water. The little man will dig a well to the reservoir.

Plants. The little man will upgrade and he and his new friend will dig the canal and waterfall. The newly irrigated cube will sprout grass.

Pot. The plants will begin to grow whilst the little men begin excavating the cube.

Tube. The little men continue the excavation, whilst their collegue begins brewing a potion using the pot and local plants.

Fire. The pot will be pushed over the fire to boil, whilst a tunnel is dug for the tube.

Dish. A fire will be lit in the new cavern and window like holes cut into the rock.

Bone. The newly constructed waterfall is completed.

Springs. The potion being formulated in the big pot is ready.

Ball. The potion is dropped into the water supply, turning it yellow. The ball is pushed down the tube, which then bounces over the springs, back into the tube until it rolls out of the end, hits the dragon on the head, triggering the "congratulations" message.