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Grow RPG Illustrated Solution

Play this quirky little strategy puzzle here.

House. After placing the building, the dragon will stamp up and down, destroying areas of the surface.

Trees. After placing the trees, the building will evolve and, once again, the dragon will stomp, destroying more of the surface.

Castle. The building will sprout a tower, the trees will spread and, for the last time, the dragon will destroy the planet's surface.

Water. All of the cracks in the surface will be flooded, wood will be shipped into the buildign from the forest, a magic tree will grow and the castle will evolve.

Tower. A jetty will be built outside the building, the castle will evolve, as will the magic tree, and the dragon will switch from destroying the planet to creating his first minion.

Rocks. The castle continues to evolve, a raft in constructed at the jetty, the tower gains a new storey and the dragon creates a second minion.

Chest. The castle reaches it's final state of evolution, the tower grows a second storey, the raft becomes a boat, the rocks form a new tower and the dragon creates his final minion.

Staircase. The final object sees a cottage built in the woods, more rocks placed and a third storey for the tower. Everying is in place for the RPG element to begin.

The little man journeys around the planet's various buildings and structures, killing the monsters and collecting objects such as weaponry and money. The final stage is for him to face the dragon.

The dragon is killed and the planet is saved from tyranny!