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One Simple Room Solution

Play this quirky little strategy puzzle here.

Hit the light switch, so you can see what you are doing.

Collect the remote from under the TV table, the battery from the left corner of the shelf, the leaf from the plant, the cup from the TV and the coin from the TV controls.

Fill the cup with oil by catching it as it drips (good luck!)

Unscrew the socket using the coin and collect the key and the screw. Plug the TV set in.

Fix the telephone line using the leaf and the screw.

Open the closet with the key and collect the coathanger and the second battery.

Use the oil to open the top drawer and collect the telephone.

Put the batteries in the remote control and turn on the TV. Use the coat hanger as an ariel and put the phone on charge.

When the phone light turns green, call the locksmith (click the TV with the phone). Wait for him to give you the pliers, then use them on the coat hanger (to make a hook) and on the TV buttons (to get a cup).

Use the hook to retrive the broom behind the closet, then use the broom to knock over the plant pot.

Collect the dirt from behind the closet, then use the cup to collect water.

Use the pliers on the broom to get a broomstick and straw.

Add the dirt and water to the safe lock (earth and water). Create the third component (wind) by rapidly clicking the grey section.

Unplug the TV and jab the straw into the socket. When it catches fire, quickly add it to the safe to open it. If it goes out, relight it.

Push the coin under the door and wait for the locksmith to tell you it is not the one he wants.

Keep collecting more coins from the safe and giving them to the locksmith until you get the misshapen one.

Press the coin against the locked drawer to create a mould. Hold this to the light to turn it into the key.

Unlock the bottom drawer and retrive the magnet.

Use the magnet to get the iron coin from the safe. Give this to the locksmith who will then unlock the door.