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Sub Machine Illustrated Solution

Play this quirky little strategy puzzle here.

Climb the ladder into the 'leaky' room.

Collect the wheel.
Travel left, through the 'exit' room.
Place the wheel on the pipe and pick up the spoon.

Travel down, through the 'fuse' room. Observe the three screw positions (horizontal - vertical - vertical)

Click the second and third plungers (so that the screws go horizontal - vertical - vertical) Now spin the wheel.

Return to the 'leaky' room and pick up the pearl.

Travel to the clock room and replace the missing pearl. Collect the letter (not needed) and the puzzle piece.

Travel through the 'plunger' room into the 'bells' room

Click the bells until all four weights are lifted. Collect the second puzzle piece and the coin (look at the numbers on it).

Travel to the 'safe' room and click the lock.

Enter the four digit code from the coin (4-9-1-3)

Collect the third puzzle piece and the resister from the safe.

Travel to the 'fuse' room and replace the missing fuse.

GO to the 'plunger' room and throw the switch. When the machine sparks up, place the spoon on to it, to blow the circuit. When the machine is fried, collect the fourth puzzle piece.

Travel to the 'exit' room and place all four puzzle pieces onto the circle.

Step into the elevator. Press the top button, then the bottom button. FREEDOM!