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The Viridian Room Illustrated Solution

A complete guide to the Viridian Room, with illustrations and comprehensive instructions.

Click the small white object to switch on the light.

Click over to the red cabinet and lift the slippers to find the first card.

Find the second card under the pillows in the corner next to the red cabinet.

Face the corner of the room between the door and the blank wall. Click up on the light.

Find card three on top of the light, and card four on the picture rail.

Open the fridge and find card five under the stale food. Leave the beer in the fridge.

Find the sixth and final card on the left of the top shelf of the bookcase.

Find the insense sticks on the right of the same shelf.

Click on the blanket on the floor, to reveal the dead guy's remains. Collect the pill bottle from his right hand. Click his left hand several times untily ou see a small key. Pick this up, then click the blanket to collect that as well.

Examine the blanket and click it several times to rip it open and reveal and collect the die.

Take the hair our of the bin.

Lift the bin and collect the cigarrette lighter. Note: to lift the bin you must first examine the hair.

Examine the hair and set it alight with the lighter. Click with the lighter several more times until an outline of a die is revealed. Make a note of the location of the six numbers.

Examine and open the pill box and take out the piece of paper. Make a note of the six symbols occupying the six places marked by numbers of the previous piece of paper.

Place the six cards on the green die, in the correct locations, using the notes you have made from the two pieces of paper.

When you have all six int eh correct places, the die will form a soul box.

Collect the diary from the bookcase and open it with the key. Make a note of the dates inside (all in October)

Flick through the diary until you reach the last page and find the CD. Put this CD in the CD case.

Click on the combo lock around the skeleton's feet. The first digits are '10' (as in October) the next twodigits will be one of the days in the diary. When you guess correctly the lock with fall open.

Collect the now cool beer can fromt he fridge.

Add the CD case, beer and insense sticks to the shrine. Light the insense with the lighter. Click the red stick to ring the bell...thing.

If all goes well the dead guy will rise and place the soul box on the shelf. If nothing happens, then either, the beer isn't cold enough (in which case place it back in the fridge and click around the room for a bit) the insense has burnt down, in which case light another, or, you've been stupid enough to place the photo frame (which I have convieniently left out of this walk though) on the shelf, in which case, REMOVE IT!